Official Mole Hole Rules


The Game of Mole Holes is very similar to golf, ski-ball, bowling, and obviously, Corn Hole.  The action of play is most similar to corn hole where scorning is accomplished by the tossing of corn, bean, or bead bags into the holes on the board.  Here are the rules of play....


The Mole Hole game is played with two officially licensed Mole Hole boards and eight bean bags which measure at least 6" from corner to opposite corner. 

Setting up the Game

The board edges should be perpendicular with each other and spaced 24' from the bottom edge of each board.  The bags may be tossed from the Mole Throw area which extends 4' on either side of each game board.


Players stand near the opposing player or teams board and both feet must remain completely behind the front edge of the board.  If a bag is tossed while a player is touching or crossing the front line edge of the board or outside of the 4' Mole Throw area the toss will be considered out of bounds and no points may be gained from the bag tossed while out of bounds.


Each player or team, tosses a total of four bags toward their own board attempting to get the bag into the 3, 2 or 1 point holes.  Only bags which fall completely through a hole count toward the total points for that round.  A total of 10 rounds are played and then the total of all points are added together for the total score of each team.  The team with the highest score wins the round.  In tournament or playoffs, a total of three rounds are played and the team that wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match.

Rules & Penalties

Bags that do not land on the board are called a cadyshack - no penalty enforced.

Bags that land on the board but do not go through a hole are called diggers - no penalty enforced.

Bags that go through the 3 point hole are called Mo-Hos - 3 points awarded.

Bags that go through the 2 point hole are called My-Hos - 2 points awarded.

Bags that go through the 1 point hole are called Me-Hos - 1 point awarded.


If a bag lands on the board and then gets knocked through a hole by a consecutive throw, it is awarded points as if it went through on the first throw.


To download a copy of the Official Mole Holes game rules - Click Here.